Tracking running app activity

Keith has never been a healthy guy. His level of panting after a 30 second sprint can attest to that.

But he got to the point where he needed to exercise. It was not a matter of choice anymore. So he used his own weapon: his unhealthy habits.

Every Monday he'd place all his earthly delights in the box: his cigars, his weed and his mini bourbon bottles.

The box was programmed to track his Nike+Run app. If he reached the 15km, he'd have a great Sunday.


Tracking sales dashboard

The Startup is growing fast and furious, customers start to pour in thousands a day.

Then, the competition is announced. 12 boxes are placed on the entrance side table. Each with a name and each connected to an automatic sales report. Only 3 will open, the other 9 will be removed. Whoever gets 100.000 new subscriptions gets to open his/her box.

In two weeks the first box opens. There's car keys inside. 11 people suddenly feel the urge to rush.


Tracking text input on website

Tech events are - sorta by definition - kinda showoffy. Everybody wants to have a dancing robot. This one had elegantly put its energy in the middle of the hall.

It was a box lit by a blue ceiling light. It had a cryptic question and pointed to a website that collected answers. A transparent lid showed its contents: a job offer at Google.

Quickly the participants realised it was a treasure hunt around the event itself - clues and hints distributed all around the place.

The Contest - Win a free box!

We're looking for useful and cool usages for the the box - so what should it track? What could make it open?
We're are testing the market, so please vote on the lock ideas that would stimulate you to buy the box (specially via Kickstarter).

The person with most votes who leaves their name wins!

Ps. this contest software we found is pretty damn ugly, but also very functional!

Mobile users: best experienced sideways.

Fine print:
- the story with the most votes wins
- the stories our team write do not count
- free box will be awarded only if the kickstarter is successful (doesnt make sense otherwise)
- participant must leave their name (or else we can't deliver)


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